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It must October; our clients want "to be more like the breast cancer people"

October 13th, 2009 12:30pm - Posted By: Caryn Capriccioso

Everything's coming up pink! Not only does Breast Cancer Awareness Month raise visibility and lots of money for breast cancer support, research and education organizations, it also raises the interest of nonprofits.

Each October, we're flooded with pink everything - a sea-to-shining-sea of pink - and it's hard for nonpofits not to think "if only we had a _________[insert: color, more popular cause, walk event, cause marketing partnership with the NFL, etc.], then we'd have all the money and visibility we ever need!"

While your nonprofit will likely not convinve the NFL to alter its gear for a week in support of your cause like the pink shoes sported by Tom Brady to recognize breast cancer awareness (see: http://blogs.nfl.com/2009/10/03/players-to-wear-pink-in-support-of-breast-cancer-awareness/ ), the ...



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