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Who Cares About the L3C?

January 14th, 2011 4:30pm - Posted By: Caryn Capriccioso, MNM

Once again, Colorado legislators are entering into discussions about the relative merits of the L3C—the new-ish business structure that puts a focus on achieving social mission before profit.  The social purpose is "baked in" - as our corporate clients like to say - from the start, making it part of the business culture and brand.

In particular, a small group of influential Colorado voices are rehashing old arguments about why the L3C is flawed and doesn't live up to its promises. Although I'm not going to debate the pros and cons of tranched investing and access to program related investments (for expertise in the intricacies of the L3C, contact my partner, Rick Zwetsch) I have several bigger picture thoughts to share.

In March of 2008, ...



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A picture's worth a big ole bunch of words

January 6th, 2011 9:59am - Posted By: Caryn Capriccioso

In the nonprofit sector, we’re good with words. We can pound out 40-page federal grant proposals in a day. We write annual appeals, annual reports, board updates and program brochures in our sleep.

Yet I am continually reminded of the incredible power of translating our words into images that can make our point clearly, simply and easily. Here’s the wordy version of my epiphany:

We all know that donor motivations are changing. This is our work, our field. We know that they want more data. We know that they have been schooled in the importance of evaluation and outcomes. We’re aware that more and more opportunities are available to our donors each and every day – to give to other organizations, but most of all to invest in causes they truly care about.

Much has been written and shared at conferences about this phenomenon, yet when I talk with boards of directors I sometimes hear: “Yes, this is what our staff has been ...



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