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Nonprofits need to be more business-like

February 1st, 2012 10:45am - Posted By: Caryn Capriccioso

Nonprofits need to be more “business-like” – There, I said it.

If the recent decision by Susan G. Komen Foundation to defund Planned Parenthood’s cancer screening services to low-income women tells us anything, it’s that donors drive how nonprofits deliver on their missions.

When will the sector finally understand that a more sustainable path is open to them? Rather than begging for funds, changing policies based on political whims or creating programs to access new donations, let’s get focused on the business at hand.

Earned income strategies and social enterprise solutions are not only possible for nonprofits, they are essential for survival. An entire world of opportunity awaits the organizations that are willing to set aside the traditional donor-focused fundraising universe and focus on business metrics and strategies for sustainability.

I've made my last apology for saying that nonprofits ne ...



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