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February 10th, 2017 6:19pm

Over the past 8 years, we’ve worked more than 80 nonprofit organizations on a wide variety of projects. We believe we are still recognized for the great work we do in the area of nonprofit strategic planning. Humbly, our beliefs are still fueled by our clients.

Nearly all, if not all nonprofits engage consultants to guide them through the development of what is typically a three-year strategic plan. Oh, sometimes it’s longer and every once in a great while it’s shorter, but three years is pretty much the de facto standard. And, we’ve seen nonprofits who don’t use consultants to help with strategic planning at all. They do it themselves (usually to save money) and, well, these are not typically the most dynamic or effective strategic plans out there.

Just sayin’.

So, the process goes like this…

The board ...



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interSector Partners: Take Five, it’s Friday

February 3rd, 2017 11:58am - Posted By: Caryn Capriccioso

A weekly(-ish) roundup of what what’s new or newsworthy with us, our clients, our partners and friends.

If we tell you how boring this week’s Take Five will be, will you read it? Turns out, not everything is earth-shattering, or even very interesting, yet is important nonetheless. 

1. Boring, but important. The IRS has released an updated 990-EZ Short Form Return of Organizational Exempt from Income Tax along with “assistive pop-up information.” Yes, we subscribe to the EO Update: e-News for Charities & Nonprofits (because we’re extra fun like that!) and you can, too.

2. Still boring, but quite helpful. The IRS provides life cycle content for nonprofits to understand the necessary filing requirements and forms. Whether starting out or ...



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