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Caring about the "Duty of Care"

September 28th, 2010 12:21pm - Posted By: Caryn Capriccioso

I’ll fess up. While facilitating a board retreat recently, a board member asked a question, and I looked at my watch. We were running behind , and I was a bit nervous about getting through the agenda.

I should have noticed my own behavior first, but it took hearing an audible sigh from a fellow board member during the clarifying question for the reality of the situation to hit me full force. Both this sighing director and I were feeling anxious (even frustrated?) about this director’s attempt to understand the information he was expected to make decisions about.

Now, maybe the questioning director should have known the answers. Maybe the board discussed the topic in depth at a meeting this person didn’t attend. Maybe the information was in the board’s advance reading materials. It’s possible that the board answered this question 5 minutes ago when the director was playing on his iPhone.

Bu ...



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