Here's the latest L3C Tally (updated quarterly) as of: November 30, 2016

PLEASE NOTE: These are L3Cs that are showing as ACTIVE by the various Secretaries of State. This tally does NOT include L3Cs that have been organized at one time in their respective states and are now inactive, administratively dissolved, expired or no longer recognized by the state in which they were organized.

L3C Thumbs Up

L3Cs organized in Vermont (since April 2008)
L3Cs organized in Michigan (since January 2009)
54 L3Cs organized in Wyoming (since February 2009)
71 L3Cs organized in Utah (since March 2009)
1 L3C organized - Oglala Sioux Tribe (since July 2009)
L3Cs organized in Illinois (since January 2010)

L3Cs organized in North Carolina
(NOTE: NC has repealed their L3C law effective
January 1, 2014)

(since August 2010)
L3Cs organized in Louisiana (since August 2010)
L3Cs organized in Maine (since July 2011)
L3Cs organized in Rhode Island (starting July 2012)
1 L3C organized in Navajo Tribe
(starting December 2014)
1,476 social entrepreneurs blazin' a path

interSector Partners, L3C

interSector Partners, L3C was the 39th L3C to organize in Vermont (and the U.S.) and the first L3C doing business in Colorado.

We've been updating this tally on our Web site since May 2009!

The following lists are compiled and provided compliments of interSector Partners, L3C.
We'll do our best to update these lists annually. If we get real busy, it may be less frequent. Please be patient, we'll get to it...

Also, please note: We make no representations as to the accuracy or legitimacy of this information. The data was compiled from each state's government agency that oversees the formation and registration of LLCs and L3Cs.






Fall 2012 UPDATE:

Who is the L3C Entrepreneur? Fall 2012 Update

Click image above to download your copy!

Legislation authorizing L3Cs is enacted as an amendment to the general limited liability company (LLC) act, rather than as a separate act. This allows L3Cs to take advantage of the flexibility of the LLC format and the existing body of law regarding their governance.

Click here for links to the LLC laws for the jurisdictions in which the L3C legislation has been enacted.

(Note the above link will take you away from our site and open a new window. In addition, interSector Partners, L3C makes no representations implied or otherwise as to the timeliness or accuracy of this information)

1st L3C to organize in Rhode Island:

1st L3C to organize in Maine:

1st L3C to organize in North Carolina: RENEWABLE ENERGY PROGRAMS GROUP, L3C

100th L3C to organize in Vermont: Trust Art, L3C

CHEERS to The Yoga Soul, L3C!
Organized in Utah...L3C #100

CONGRATS to Civic Staffing, L3C
1st L3C organized in Illinois!

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