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Where your attention goes,
your energy flows.

In 2009, “impact” was rarely used to describe consulting services or our client base—nonprofits, socially-responsible businesses, and community-facing government agencies. Yet, interSector Partners’ principals envisioned a future with sectors working together and focusing on multiple bottom lines toward positive social change. We founded the firm to serve as an organizational thought partner and ecosystem champion for the emerging impact economy.


At interSector Partners, L3C, we leverage decades of nonprofit, for-profit, and government sector experience to support clients with strategic planning, social enterprise development, executive search, and community facilitation. If impact is your bottom line, we’re here to help.

When it’s all about impact
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Our mission is our clients

interSector Partners, L3C exists to help you make more mission—and we’ve done so with a diverse set of clients on a wide range of project types. Whether you need to think big and answer strategic questions or get uber-focused on the financial and mission sustainability of a new idea, inclusively engage your diverse communities or hire your next executive leader, we handle the weight of the process leaving you to focus on what matters most.

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It’s been said that the key indicator of business success is whether current customers would refer others, and at interSector Partners, that answer has been a resounding “yes!”. Nearly 100% of our work with over 150 impact organizations has come through direct referrals from clients. We can tell you more about our inclusive, innovative, effective, and even fun processes, but in the end…

The one number you need

What I loved about working with interSector was the attention to detail. All discussions and decisions were documented and there was follow-up on every action item. Both the facilitation and the resulting plan were extremely professional and useful! I truly appreciated interSector's flexibility and patience. We re-visited the process several times in our process and Caryn and Rick were a big help and a thoughtful partner.

Leslie Allen, Chair of the Board (Former)

Community Foundation Boulder County | Boulder, CO

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