interSector Partners, L3C

We founded interSector Partners, L3C on February 20, 2009 based on our belief that the nonprofit, business and government sectors can work together and learn from each other and that the true opportunity for building a better world lies in a combined social, economic and environmental bottom line. Many people questioned our timing— “A new business in the worst economic downturn in 100 years?”—but none questioned our business model and philosophy.

interSector Partners, L3C (interSector) is a socially-responsible, low-profit business located on Colorado’s beautiful Front Range. Our social mission is to help nonprofits become more sustainable, for-profits to become more socially responsible and government agencies to support both in their communities. interSector consulting and education services include:

  • Social Enterprise strategy & development

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Business plan development

  • Executive search

  • Strategic planning

  • Sustainability planning

  • Business planning

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Individual/organizational decision making criteria development & implementation

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Governance


We base our work on a consulting philosophy that leads to successful achievement of client’s desired outcomes. We work with you to make the very best use of personal and organizational strengths and sort through how to most effectively address your challenges.

For instance, our belief in any planning process is that the plan must come from within the organization. While it may be possible to develop a plan from the outside that can work at some level (i.e. you say, “We want to raise $350,000 from individual donors,” and we go write a plan for how to do that), it is not optimal to have outside consultants develop your methods and strategies.


This is why our proposals include facilitated time with your board, leadership team and/or key community stakeholders who can help us to understand not only your specific goals, but the important community dynamics, desires and approaches that will make sense for your organization. An in-depth, co-created process like this builds buy-in of the key stakeholders, allows for healthy debate about realities and helps everyone to understand the full process.

Serving you as an invested partner and advisor, your success is our success. We tailor our approaches to meet you where you are while continually challenging you to stretch to the next level. We believe the consulting relationship is one of capacity building, leaving considerably stronger organizations at the conclusion of every project we undertake.


Our business is now nine years old, and we are rapidly growing based on reputations built over the years with a focus on this very philosophy.