Since we organized interSector Partners®, L3C 13 years ago, we have talked with more than a thousand folks looking for help, advice, ideas, information on the L3C and just about any other topic you can think of. Social entrepreneurs, nonprofit executives, interns, college grads, experienced career professionals looking to make a change and many, many more.

A big part of our social purpose, as an L3C, is to educate folks thinking through options, ideas, and solutions as they look to start their business, grow their business, make a change, etc.
We believe it's important they also preserve what are usually scarce financial resources to take the first steps once they've made decisions and so we have always provided this initial guidance and advice on a pro bono basis. 

All that being said, recently we've had more and more people we've talked with and helped ask how they can pay us "something" or make a donation in exchange for our valuable time. Our response is always, we hope you'll hire us one day if we might be able to help you down the road.

We realize that could take some time. So, if you found your time with us valuable, if we gave you some good ideas, if we cleared up some misconceptions, if we provided you with valuable resources and/or connections and --
the spirit moves you to do something today... us a couple rounds of beers


breakfast / lunch / dinner


let us decide!

We sincerely appreciate anything you feel is reasonable.

Thank you!