Over the last 8+ years, we have worked with nearly 100 different organizations. While we didn’t start out to do executive search, we were recommended to and chosen by an organization in Denver to manage their executive director search because of the way we work, our process, ability to ask the right questions and perform the necessary due diligence to ensure the hiring of the very best candidate available. Since then we have conducted more than a dozen successful search processes ranging from development directors to program staff and deputy directors to executive directors, COOs and CEOs.

Search Process Philosophy

It’s important to note that we are not traditional “recruiters” in that while we do attract, engage and assess, we don’t generally participate in the on-boarding process. And we are not traditional “head hunters” in that we don’t actively seek out executives currently employed at other organizations or companies and tell them, “Hey, do we have a great new job for you…check it out!”
We do believe it's absolutely critical to identify and engage your organization's stakeholders so they all become part of your recruiting team as you fill key roles at your organization!


At interSector Partners, we offer an executive search process that allows us and your search committee to go beyond the cover letter and resume, to thoroughly and efficiently learn what you/we need to know about each applicant in order to move the very best candidates forward in the process.

“Caryn and Rick made our hiring search for a COO painless. As a growing organization, we had never hired for this position before. We felt they listened very carefully to the needs we outlined and based on what we said, identified a great solution for OPS. Initially we thought we wanted to hire a permanent COO but Caryn and Rick suggested finding an interim person, which would give us the opportunity to decide what our organization truly needed.


They helped us define the role, they immediately had suggestions for candidates, organized the interviews, and gave excellent guidance through our decision making process. We ended up finding a candidate that was a great fit and even exceeded our expectations. We were able to make an important hiring decision with confidence because of the experience and thoughtfulness that interSector Partners provided.”   

 ~ Search Committee Members, Oceanic Preservation Society

“Rick and Caryn are a pleasure to work with. They have engaging, professional and complimentary personalities and skill sets. The executive director search process and the end result exceeded my expectations for quality, creativity and thoroughness. Their work significantly exceeded my expectations.”

~ Ben Brahinsky, Chair (former), Colorado Court-Appointed Special Advocates

Recruiting and search for nonprofits is a specialized offering. Not only does interSector bring experience in this field to the table, we also understand the unique needs and challenges of nonprofit boards and strive to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible. In short, the significant administrative back-end will be handled on our end, not yours, and we will bring strategic thinking and an external sector-wide view to your process, as well.


Our executive search process is professional, thorough, extremely efficient and maybe most importantly...cost effective. We do the work, keeping your search committee informed (as much and as completely as you all want to be informed) during every step of this important process. We've even had unsuccessful applicants tell us time and time again that even though they were disappointed they didn't move on to be considered for a particular position - that the process itself was the most rigorous, informed and professional they've ever been through!

Additionally, when you work with interSector Partners, you work with our principals, Rick Zwetsch and Caryn Capriccioso. We will share responsibilities through the process to ensure that you are receiving the best possible service, process and outcome.

Every organization is different. Every position/hire is different. Every search project is different. We'll customize your executive search project to meet your specific hiring needs so you leverage your available resources to make the best hire possible.

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