"I've been in the for-profit sector my entire career and need to make a change. I want my work to have more meaning but I'm not sure how to translate everything I've done and all I've accomplished so others will accept and appreciate what I can do for them." 

"What for-profit company would ever want to hire someone that's worked for nonprofits as long as I have?"

"I need to make a change. My work has no meaning and I'm tired of working for "'the man'. I also would love to work for a nonprofit but I know that's not always easy. I feel like I just don't know enough about how nonprofits operate."

"My resume SCREAMS corporate. I've heard nonprofits don't like to see that. How can I modify my resume to highlight my skills and experience so nonprofits won't be afraid or hesitant to talk to me?"

Sound familiar?

We hear this and a whole lot more several times a day. Every time we think we've heard it all, we talk with a talented and experienced professional who's trying to take everything they've learned and experienced and translate it
to meaningful work in a different sector.

And is struggling.

And can't get anyone to pay attention.

And is afraid their years and years of experience will be lost and never recognized or appreciated.

And they'll have to start all over again.

And who wants that?

You're right! No one.

If we can help you or a friend or a colleague or someone you know in your field...tell us
a little more below. We've walked the walk and talked the talk and we'll do everything
we can to find a way to help!

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