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We talk with folks every day trying to move from one sector to another. There are changing career and personal goals and/or family situations. Their work is no longer meaningful or satisfying. They’re looking for something more challenging or entrepreneurial. The reasons are varied. The reasons are many.


Nearly everyone we talk with personally or hear about through our networks of friends and colleagues wants to hear about other people that have switched sectors successfully.


What does it take? How long did it take?

How did their career skills and experience translate to the new sector?

Were there cultural challenges? How did they overcome these challenges?


How did they get through to the people that won't listen or can't appreciate what they can bring to the table?

Did they work with a career coach?

What were their keys to “success?”

We're hoping if you've experienced success switching sectors in your career that you'll use the short form below to share your story and help others who are thinking about or trying to do the same!

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