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Make every interaction count, even the small ones.
They are relevant.

Inclusive strategic planning allows nonprofit organizations to create meaningful impact and positive social change. interSector Partners works with you to customize a process that engages the diverse perspectives of your key stakeholders while also looking externally at models and trends in your area of impact. Our approach to planning leads to better decision-making, a shared vision for the future, and a thoughtful plan for how to implement toward that vision.

Strategic Planning

Staff Meeting

Thank you for figuring out how to work in our crazy “input-y” culture, and not trying to change us. Thank you for providing the Board with guidance and support when they most needed it. Thank you for entertaining my humor, for caring about TGP, and for caring about the nonprofit sector in general. We are all better because of you both, and I appreciate you beyond measure.


Leslie Foster, President & CEO (Former)

The Gathering Place | Denver, CO

Social Enterprise Development

Development speaker meeting

Both Caryn and Rick were fabulous to work with--at all times. That's actually one of the key reasons I enjoyed working with interSector so much. Both listened, responded promptly, produced excellent work, and demonstrated real concern that the resulting product was something we were happy with--and could really use. I appreciated their flexibility, commitment, and long-term willingness to partner with us and see this all the way through. I would recommend interSector Partners to any nonprofit considering implementing a social enterprise. They're smart, thorough, reliable, and effective. They know how to guide you through a solid process to figure out if you're on the right track with your business and develop a solid business plan that can really guide the implementation phase. Caryn and Rick are terrific to work with, flexible and responsive. I loved the whole process and appreciated the solid advice along the way!


Christine Marquez-Hudson, Executive Director (Former)

Mi Casa Resource Center |  Denver, CO

Social enterprises are mission-aligned businesses owned and operated by nonprofits to further social or environmental missions. In theory, the idea is straightforward, yet the reality of conceiving of, planning for, launching, and running a social enterprise is a tremendous undertaking. As experts in this space, interSector Partners can support your organization by educating your board and staff about social enterprise, facilitating ideation processes, testing feasibility of your business ideas, and developing business plans to guide the business through financing, launch, and managing your new social venture.

Executive Search

Executive Search

interSector Partners was a phenomenal team to help with our Executive Director search. We were faced with a daunting timeline and task, but Caryn and Rick navigated our team through new territory with efficiency, professionalism, honesty, and thoughtfulness. I always felt I was working with professionals who knew their sector and if something needed to be discussed, it was quickly and deliberately brought up. I have heard of other ED searches where mistakes were made and derailed an important part of the search. I never felt like that was an issue for this team. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.


Jamie Torres, Search Committee Member

Groundwork Denver | Denver, CO

Caryn and Rick,


I want to take a quick moment to say Thank You for the nice welcome card and book. I have not read this book and will be sure to do so in the very near future!


I also want to let you know that I really appreciated and enjoyed the process that you helped create for the selection of this position. I thought it was very thorough and will ultimately result in a very strong match for many, many years to come.


Thank you both again and I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.


Executive Director Search Candidate

Dear Search Committee,

Thank you for the opportunity to reach for the stars with this position and have the opportunity to share my passion and genuine enthusiasm for the arts throughout the entire search process. I am thrilled for the possibilities with the new Executive Director and know that he/she/they will bring a shared commitment to enrich and inspire young lives on all levels.  Congratulations to you and the entire Board/staff – well done!  


I also want to extend a 5-star rating for Caryn and Rick at interSector Partners®, L3C.  They brought integrity, responsiveness, and professionalism to the interview process, and I applaud your efforts to secure high caliber, outside expertise for this important search effort.

Executive Director Search Candidate


As you’ve likely experienced, good facilitation can make or break a process, and a good facilitator doesn’t “just facilitate”. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your organization, issues, and challenges, interSector Partners serves as an informed, impartial guide to gathering input and making decisions. We draw from multiple facilitation methods and approaches and customize inclusive and equitable processes that meet you and your community where you are.

As a fellow strategic planner and consultant, it was refreshing to be able to just be the Chair of the Strategic Planning committee and not an armchair consultant for this process. You were both open to input and also secure in your expertise. You guided our organization through a seamless, welcoming strategic planning process. I would not hesitate to refer you to other organizations.

Rachael Cohen, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
Kavod Senior Life | Denver, CO

Employee Meeting
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