interSector Partners: Take Five, it’s Friday

A weekly(-ish) roundup of what what’s new or newsworthy with us, our clients, our partners and friends makes its return in 2017. Did you miss it? We know we did!

Since it’s a new year, we thought it was a good time to take stock:

  1. interSector reserves the last week of December to plan for the coming year and beyond. In 2017, you’ll hear more about our continued professional development, a new Web site, how we’re managing time, program transitions and, most excitingly, interSector Partners 2.0. Stay tuned…

  2. We each have 8,760 hours in any given year. What are you going to do with yours? We’re loving the 8,760 Hours tool to help you reflect, consider the ideal you, address your concerns about success upfront, and fit everything into a one-page calendar. 2017 is yours!

  3. Taking stock is not only an internal activity. Our work with the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center carries into January as the organization continues its focus on evaluation. A marker of a strong organization is one that truly wants to hear from its key stakeholders. We’re having a blast running focus groups with CNDC Projects to complement surveys done earlier in the year.

  4. A new Administration. New leadership = change, and we expect a Trump administration to shake things up considerably. Don’t get caught unaware. Dedicate time with your staff, your board and your legitimate news sources to consider what changes to expect in regulations, funding, even how nonprofits are allowed to operate. Share with us what you expect to change and the impacts it could have on your work.

  5. Stock comes in all shapes and sizes and this is of the animal variety. While the National Western Stock Show Parade was cancelled due to weather, the show itself starts tomorrow and runs through January 22nd*. Check it out for a good reminder that there is more to Denver than new condo development, tech companies, GF pancakes and craft beer. Mmmm…beer…did someone say it’s Friday?

*If you’re new to Denver, you may notice we keep holiday lights up longer than in other parts of the country. It’s a tradition related to #5 above. Ask a CO Native to explain…learn local history and get to know a neighbor!

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