interSector Partners: Take Five, it’s Friday

A weekly(-ish) roundup of what what’s new or newsworthy with us, our clients, our partners and friends.

Change is all around us; in fact it’s known to be “the only constant…” This week we focus on the importance of adapting to change for sustainability.

1. Expanding, contracting, adding or adjusting. interSector had the pleasure of working with the Metro Volunteers board of directors and staff as they explore opportunities to enhance services to meet changing community needs. Looking forward to a front row seat as the new vision comes to life.

2. Seeing the writing on the wall – and getting out ahead of it. Two years ago, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains joined our social enterprise development cohort to explore sustainable revenue options. This week saw national coverage of its new social venture, Vibrant, which builds on the PPRM mission and returns profits to support that mission.

3. Decision-making criteria. Adapting to change requires quick and nimble decision-making. A solid set of criteria, developed in cooperation with key stakeholders, allows for agility not often found in the nonprofit sector. Ask us about interSector’s system for developing and implementing decision-making criteria at your organization. (Note: We call ours the “bright-shiny object grinder!)

4. Even the most successful programs can benefit from a spit shine and polish. Colorado Impact Days 2016 brought together investors, entrepreneurs and practitioners for the first impact gathering of its kind in Colorado. As proud first year steering committee members and friend of the Impact Finance Center, we were thrilled to learn that CO Impact Days 2017 this fall will remain largely the same, yet see exciting changes to the marketplace, wrap-around programming and governance, and that plans for significant expansion across the country are in the works in the coming years.

5. A new Administration (a carryover from last Take Five. It’s that important). New leadership = change, and we expect a Trump administration to shake things up considerably.Don’t get caught unaware. Dedicate time with your staff, your board and your legitimate news sources to consider what changes to expect in regulations, funding, even how nonprofits are allowed to operate. Share with us what you expect to change and the impacts it could have on your work.

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