Goodbye Exchange, Hello 2018

Nearly six years ago, interSector Partners, L3C partnered with Julie Voyles to develop the concept that became (and is still known as) the Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Exchange (The Exchange). After a year and a half of design, development and fundraising, we seated the inaugural Exchange Cohort on September 11th, 2013 and have been actively involved in recruiting for, selecting, running cohorts, supporting graduates, or planning and managing The Exchange transition ever since.

Now that The Exchange has safely landed in its new home at the Community Resource Center (CRC) and we are no longer involved, 2018 brings a shift at interSector Partners. We have spent a considerable amount of time deciding what this means for our business. The Exchange represented up to 60-75% of our time in any given year and its absence provides us with considerable room to change and grow.

We are very excited about the future—one where we will simultaneously get back to our roots and apply what we’ve learned from The Exchange in new and exciting ways. In the coming year, we’ll be focusing on two main areas of work:

  1. The interSector Partners you’ve come to know and love: capacity building services through one-on-one relationships with clients. Since 2009—and in our in-depth work with over 100 nonprofits—our major offerings have included and will continue to focus on:

  • Strategic planning

  • Business planning

  • Feasibility planning

  • Social enterprise development

  • Stakeholder input and assessments

  • Group facilitation

  1. A concept that grew out of our work over the last nine years that came into sharper focus while working with emerging social ventures: interSector Talent. Talent needs in the nonprofit sector are changing as more nonprofits launch social ventures or take a more “business-like” approach to their work. Simultaneously, the number of people wanting to shift their careers toward “doing good” is growing. interSector Talent will focus on:

  • Nonprofit executive search services (15 successful placements to-date)

  • A job board supporting employers and job seekers

  • Research and sharing of data and information about sector switching

  • Services for those seeking to make a career change to another sector

We welcome your thoughts and ideas about this future direction, and of course, we greatly value your referrals to any nonprofit, for-profit or government agency that could benefit from what interSector has to offer.

As co-founders of The Exchange, it will always have a special place in our hearts. We are eternally grateful for the funders, sponsors, business mentors, panelists and guest speakers who brought their resources to the table to make it all work. Of course, our true heroes are the nonprofits that attended trainings and, especially, those 21 organizations who took a chance on us and on the social enterprise cohort, and entered into an intense, challenging and (hopefully) fun process to innovate on their models through social enterprise. You are our friends and our community, and we look forward to continuing to help you thrive.

Happy 2018!

Caryn Capriccioso

Rick Zwetsch

#nonprofit #socialenterprise #executivesearch #careers #sectorswitching #businessplanning #feasibility

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