Switching                    Sectors

"I've spent too long in the corporate world. I've done my time. I want to switch from the private sector to an organization where social impact, not profit, is the primary bottom line. I want to do work that makes a difference!"

"I really like the work I'm doing in the nonprofit sector. But, I have a family now and I need to make more money than I'm making now. I think my skills and experience might be worth more to a for-profit sector company."

"I have 25+ years experience with many, different government agencies and now I'm the CEO of a nonprofit organization. It wasn't easy as the nonprofit's board wasn't sure how my skills and experience would translate to leading a nonprofit!"

"We need someone with for-profit business experience to launch and run our social enterprise. But we'll have to pay them more than most of our nonprofit employees. How can we justify that?"

We hear comments like those above on a regular basis. What used to come up here and there is now something we discuss with employers and job seekers each and every day. 


​In interSector Partners™ nonprofit executive search work, we consistently see for-profit executives with significant career experience applying for nonprofit executive and senior management positions. It turns out, nonprofit search committees aren't sure how to consider these talented executives, often asking questions like this:


“What could they possibly know about running a nonprofit if they've never run one before?"


We also hear from job seekers who want to make a change, but are stuck. Their questions tend to focus on:


“It’s time for me to make a change, but how can I translate my current experience so that other sectors can see what I bring to the table?”


interSector Talent is here to help both job seekers and employers find and understand the value in a change of sector. We believe truly talented people are an asset in any situation, and if you share that belief we’re happy to help you navigate the path.