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interSector Partners, L3C has worked diligently to ensure that all information in our white papers is accurate as of the time of publication and consistent with standards of good practice in the communities within which we work. As research and practice advance, however, standards may change. For this reason, it is recommended that readers evaluate the applicability of any stories, recommendations, quotes or information contained in these papers or this Web site in the light of their particular situations and the potential for changing standards. 


These papers may address legal, accounting, and financial matters, but do not in any way provide or constitute legal, accounting or financial advice or opinion. Many of the topics in these papers and at this Web site are related to and are potentially significant to tax exempt organizations and associations, and failure to act consistently with Internal Revenue Service rulings or guidance or other applicable law could result in taxability of revenues, loss of tax-exempt status, or other potential unforeseen liability. 


It is strongly recommended that all readers consult their individual professional legal, accounting, financial and any other necessary and/or appropriate advisors and take action only upon receipt of such advice. We disclaim any loss, either directly or indirectly, and assume no liability as a consequence of applying or relying on any of the information contained in these papers or at this Web site. 



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