What is an L3C?


A low-profit limited liability company, also known as an L3C, is a new kind of limited liability company (LLC) that combines the financial advantages of the traditional LLC form of business with the social benefits of a non-profit entity. In addition, as a variety of LLC, the L3C generally shields its owners from the debts of the enterprise.


An L3C is a for-profit limited liability company which is specifically organized to further one or more charitable or educational purposes within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).1 L3Cs may be formed as free-standing businesses with social purposes. They may also be created by nonprofit organizations as for-profit subsidiaries with social welfare goals.


An L3C can earn income and see its property appreciate in value, but the production of income or the appreciation of property cannot be a significant purpose of the company. In addition, L3Cs are prohibited from pursuing political or legislative purposes within the meaning of the IRC.


[Excerpted from a Basic L3C Primer]


Here's the latest L3C Tally (updated 2x/year) as of:
November 1, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: These are L3Cs that are showing as ACTIVE by the various Secretaries of State. This tally does NOT include L3Cs that have been organized at one time in their respective states and are now inactive, administratively dissolved, expired or no longer recognized by the state in which they were organized.


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